Good photos VS bad photos.

Good photos vs bad photos —

My family and I were in a park yesterday. I took a camera and shot some pictures.
You know, I come across photos at exhibitions, on the internet, in magazines. They’re so gorgeous, sometimes it’s even a bit frustrating.

I think I might never approach such level of professionalism.
To write this, I was inspired by one model’s video, where she mentioned that “on stage” and “in life” is a huge difference. Same is with photography, there are tonnes of photos left unpublished only for one piece of gold. Don’t be disappointed guys, take pictures, work your signature and have fun with it.

Frew Park — Anastasia
Frew Park — Anastasia and Ila

Frew park — Natasha
Frew park — Natasha

Frew Park — lla
Frew Park — lla

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